Hi! I’m Jourdan Baldwin, a Personal Trainer based in Denver, Colorado. While programming the most effective workout and nutrition plans make up most of my days, what keeps me waking up every morning is seeing my clients accomplish things they never thought they could, and then carry that into every other aspect of their lives. 


Why I train

Fitness saved my life and continues to enhance every aspect of it. It empowers me, and it shows me I am capable of anything that I set my mind to. I am constantly amazed at the mind and bodies abilities to heal itself, make itself stronger and adapt to the healthy stressors that we give it. The foundations of fitness replicate the foundations of success in any life endeavor, and over the years I have been amazed to find that the lessons continue to unfold in new ways. 

My Journey

If you would’ve told me 15 years ago that I would end up as a personal trainer, I wouldn’t have believed you. Back then, I hated exercise and everything about moving. I got doctors notes for PE, had every excuse in the book to get out of most things that were active and complained often when I was forced to move. Then, when everything began to crash around me my junior year of high school, exercise became the one thing that saved me, literally. I ended up becoming an athlete for the first time my senior year of high school, received a running scholarship for college, and never looked back after that.

 I majored in Sports Medicine as my first and only major, motivated by the way the movement saved my life. I wanted more than anything to help others find ways to move that enhanced their quality of life and allowed them to live fully, like I had found for myself.

Fast forward to years later, I have helped hundreds of people create a life full of movement and lifestyle habits that are sustainable. While I started out training my clients focusing on the basics of movement and nutrition, as science continues to unfold I have started to heavily integrate yoga, meditation, breath work, habit changing, stress control and personal values into my training programs. I have found that the trick to having long lasting fitness results, is creating a life that we are proud of. Movement just becomes the icing on the cake.

Outside of my work, I can rally with the best of them on a mountain bike. I actively seek out wine from France and I give a lot of snuggles to my rescue chihuahua. My favorite nights include full moons and campfires and even though I have a hippie heart, I am obsessed with Lululemon and quality dining. Get me to commit immediately to something by including “adventure” or “boutique” in the description. 

Things I am proud of:

Being voted as one of Denver's top 25 trainers in SPARK

2 NPC Bikini Show Wins

A full ride cross country college scholarship even though I didn't run until my senior year of high school, and over 20 triathlons

Opening the second Crossfit gym - in the country of Amman, Jordan - in my early twenties


BS, Health and Exercise Science, Colorado State University

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

XPT Certified Coach (Stress Regulation/Performance Breathing)

Yoga YRT 200

ACE Orthopedic Specialist

Medical Exercise Specialist

TRX Suspension Master Trainer